15 Years Ago Today, Kanye West Spoke The Truth About Hurricane Katrina

Kanye is still hitting and missing with the things he says, but he was spot on that day.

15 years ago, amid the death and tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, Kanye West and comedian Mike Myers stoically appeared on my television screen attempting to get people to help those who needed it most during the flooding and chaos of the hurricane.

I recall with great joy how Kayne looked into the camera with disdain in his eyes and truth buoying his voice, said the words that briefly elevated him to the status of a demigod: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

The confidence with which he said it, and the look of shock that was on Mike Meyers’ face, added even more weight to the scenario.

That happened 15 years ago today. Indeed, Kanye West’s already elevated cache went through the stratosphere.  Then it morphed into a full brand of MAGA flashing, contradicting statements, self-proclaimed brilliance, and a current run for President of the United States.

Part of Kanye’s appeal is that he says whatever comes to his mind and his thoughts don’t always coincide with anybody else’s philosophies.

The fact that a Black celebrity was bashing the POTUS on live TV was an unfamiliar shock. I happen all the time now that Trump is in office, but back then people of all races though Kanye was a bit out of line. Like five years later, when he crashed Taylor Swift’s awards ceremony and said Beyonce should have gotten the Grammy.

However, when we remove all the flash, fury, and fiber optics from the situation, Kayne was just a fed-up black guy, hurting and in pain in watching how people of color in New Orleans were suffering in the aftermath of the hurricane, disgusted at how they were being portrayed and the government’s response to their plight.

Nothing much has really changed and since then Kanye’s said a flurry of comments that some agree with and others detest, but he was spot on with that one.


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