5 Years Ago: LeBron James Becomes Youngest NBA Player To Score 25,000 Points

Today, he's third all-time and just 4,146 points behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Five years ago today, Lebron James surpassed the 25,000 point plateau in a Cleveland Cavaliers win over the Philadelphia 76ers, becoming the youngest player to achieve the feat. James, 30, passed the mark set by Kobe Bryant in 2010 when Mamba was 31. At the time, King James sat at 20th place and rising on the NBA’s list of points scored

Fast forward five years and following his fourth NBA championship, Bron has catapulted to third all-time on the career scoring charts with 34,241 points. He’s surpassed Kobe and Michael (who most would consider purer scorers) and now has just Karl “The Mailman” Malone (36,928) and Kareem (38,387) to surpass.


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