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FS1 And Done: The Shadow League’s Top 5 Jason Whitlock Stories 

Jason Whitlock will not be returning to FS1's Speak for Yourself with Marcellus Wiley.

Jason Whitlock has made a career with his controversial takes, often going against the grain on issues of race, but never wavering from his unique and often criticized sports philosophies. He’s a favorite of corporate suits in need of an outside-the-box, sharp Black voice to offer a contrarian opinion to issues that incited the Black community and other talking heads approached with “Black rage.”

Outkickthecoverage.com says that Whitlock has left FS1’s Speak for Yourself. Whitlock’s contract expired this past Sunday and the two sides were unable to reach an agreement. 

Fox Sports PR and Whitlock were not immediately available for comment.

Whitlock was not on the show today, which gave some the impression that something was not right. Whitlock’s departure was all but confirmed when he had been removed from the SFY Twitter avatar.

Whitlock joined FS1 in 2016, initially co-hosting SFY with Colin Cowherd and then doing the gig solo for a stretch. Marcellus Wiley joined the program as new co-host in 2018 and according to reports, before COVID-19 attacked sports, the show was “garnering viewership momentum.”

As Whitlock’s partnership with Wiley comes to an end, TSL remembers five of his career-defining moments that inspired us to respond. 

Top 5 Jason Whitlock Stories 

FS1 Shelves Whitlock’s Kaepernick Skit After Social Media Ethers Him

Jason Whitlock Tries To Bruise Kobe Bryant’s Legacy  

Jason Whitlock: A Word From The Witless

Skipping The White House Would Be Golden State’s Best Move This Year

The last one is a Tweet. 

I’m sure Whitlock will find a new gig very soon. He’s built for this game. He’s a seasoned flame thrower. While the two sides failed to see eye-to-eye, reports say Whitlock, 53, is believed to be looking into starting his own direct-to-consumer business, according to sources.

The recent model that mostly sidesteps traditional media has been successful for Bill Simmons, Dave Portnoy, and Joe Rogan, among others.


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