NBA Flashback: Klay Thompson Hits 11 Treys, Breaks Kevin Durant’s OKC Spirit

The Splash Brother set a playoff record, won Game 6 of the WCF and made KD switch sides.

Klay Thompson is generally considered one of the Top 5 three-point shooters and pure shooters in NBA history. Despite playing second and sometimes third fiddle to Steph Curry and Kevin Durant during his time as a three-time World Champion with Golden State, Klay has had some insane moments that solidify his place among the all-time strokers.

You could say he’s personally responsible for Kevin Durant’s desire to join the squad that beat him and Co-D Russell Westbrook the previous season.

On this day in 2016, with Golden State trailing 3-2 in the Western Conference Finals, Klay makes a playoff-record 11 three-point shots and scored 41 points, and the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors forced a Game 6 in the Western Conference finals with a 108-101 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It was the game that broke Kevin Durant’s OKC spirit and gave KD the idea of joining Golden State because beating them was impossible.



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