Aaron Gordon Shows No Mercy In Dwyane Wade Diss Song

Orlando Magic star says Wade's funny scoring at 2020 NBA Dunk Contest cost him a huge bag.

Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon has been steadily improving during his six seasons in the league. The 24-year-old entered the NBA at just 19 and quickly became a fan favorite and recognizable face because of lit performances in several NBA Slam Dunk contests. 

His 2016 battle of aerial magnificence against Zach Lavine, is considered a classic.

2020 was lit too. Gordon kind of got robbed, but he still put on a display of tremendous leaping ability and creative, flavorful dunking. 

Speaking of flavor, earlier this month we wrote a story on Aaron Gordon joining a long list of NBA players who have either dropped albums, singles, or tried their hands at rapping. 

Portland Trailblazers star Dame Lillard is considered the NBA’s premier lyricists. He goes by the name Dame D.O.L.L.A. and last season he battled Shaq in an amusing back and forth. 

Most people interested in NBA rap battles were expecting Gordon to get at Dame D.O.L.L.A. It’s probably best that he got his feet wet before getting washed like Marvin Bagley III did when he went at Dame. Especially during COVID-19 Quarantine when true lyricists have nothing to do but pen heat. 

Apparently, Gordon aimed his lyrical pistol at Miami Heat retired legend Dwyane Wade, who ironically just ventured into the hip hop world himself, releasing a career celebration song with Rick Ross and Raphael Saadiq recently.

According to ESPN, Gordon has put his displeasure with the 2020 Dunk Contest into a “diss” track titled “9 OUT OF 10,” in which he calls out Dwyane Wade for the vote that helped him lose to Miami’s Derrick Jones Jr.

In an epic dunk contest back in February, Gordon dunked over Chance the Rapper (twice) and threw down 360-degree, between-the-leg slams. The battle between Gordon and Jones carried on into a “dunk-off” in which each player had to improvise dunks that hadn’t been rehearsed. For Gordon’s final dunk, he cleared 7-foot-6 Tacko Fall.

Wade was one of the three judges who jerked him with 9s, leading to his shady defeat. Obviously Gordon has never lived it down and the Quarantine season has done nothing but given him more time to plot his revenge via wax.

Let’s see if Wade can call on Rick Ross to blaze him with another verse. This battle could get expensive for Wade.

Early Monday morning, Wade tweeted that Gordon should “trademark 9/10” and “make some money off of it. That’s free advice that I won’t charge him for it. (You know since I cost him a Mill).”


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