PLH LIVE: Florida Boxing Hall of Fame 2020

The podcast goes virtual interviewing this year's inductees

The PRITTY Left Hook podcast goes virtual today from the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame.

In the past we have been on site in Tampa for this amazing event. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s show will be held virtually.

The program begins today at 11:00am EST / 8:00am PST with yours truly, Rhett Butler as your host.


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The Florida Boxing Hall of Fame effectively celebrates the past while looking to develop and protect the future of the sport.

The establishment of strong relationships and partnerships, developed across multiple support networks, have built strong financial stability of the FBHOF which hosts the best in celebrating the Sport of Boxing — from a world class destination museum hosting premier, vibrant exhibits, with well-known stars from the world of boxing, to honoring former boxers and those who have contributed to the sport at the annual Hall of Fame event, to positively impacting young lives by nurturing their development in and out of the ring.

The FBHOF honors former boxers and those who have contributed to boxing, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations as set forth herein. To encourage the membership to be of service to God and benevolent to others.

FBHOF promotes the sport of boxing, assisting within its means ill or disabled veteran boxers, or their families, who are in need.

In addition, they further the general welfare of the youth of the community with a special emphasis on those whose social and economic conditions indicate need for assistance.

Lastly, the FBHOF cooperates with all authorities and agencies in the prevention of juvenile delinquency. Ultimately, they are looking to establish a permanent Boxing Hall of Fame museum in Tampa, Florida.

It is our pleasure to broadcast the 2020 inductees to the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame.



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