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‘White Mamba’ Diana Taurasi Talks MJ Following “The Last Dance” Finale

Taurasi and MJ are the only ballers on earth who share this specific set of accolades.

Following the final episode of the 10-part docuseries “The Last Dance,” Diana Taurasi talked Michael Jordan on @SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt (@notthefakeSVP). Taurasi, a disciple of Kobe Bryant — who is a disciple of Jordan — reflects on sharing a similar competitive mindset as Michael Jordan

Why is Taurasi a perfect candidate to speak on the legacy of the NBA’s GOAT?

Taurasi, who has been named “White Mamba” because of her illustrious career of dominance on the women’s pro hoops level, shares some all-time exclusive company with Michael Jordan. Both are generally considered The GOAT of their respective leagues.

Taurasi and MJ are the only two players who share the following accomplishments.

Taurasi is a classic example of how MJ’s influence on basketball culture extends beyond men’s basketball.


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